terms and conditions

Please understand by choosing to stay at Huntington Stables Retreat, you agree to respect regulations, policies, and sustainable living practices.

  • Our accommodation and amenities are for Adults Only.
  • In most cases we are NOT ABLE to offer early check-ins or late check-outs. Check-in is from 2pm and check-out is no later than 10am. A late fee will be charged from 10.15am. ‘Lost’ keys will be charged.
  • We currently have a NO VISITORS policy. This means guests cannot invite visitors to their room or onto the property unless agreed to by owners BEFORE booking your stay.
  • Our ‘no smoking/vaping’ policy applies to entire property. If cigarette smoke is detected in room, a cleaning and/or relocation fee will be charged.
  • Amenities are for BOOKED GUESTS ONLY.
  • As part of our ‘Environmental Responsibility’ policy, we DO NOT change linen each day of a guest’s stay.
  • Appliances, fans, heaters, lights and taps, must be turned off when not in use and when you leave your room for any time.
  • No glass in or around the pool, spa or sauna (please use the polycarbonate cups from your room).
  • Any damage, breakage or loss associated with a guest’s stay must be paid for. If in any doubt as to what is ‘complimentary’ please ask staff.
  • Please inform staff of any issue with room, wifi, appliances, television, or amenities. In most cases issues can be sorted immediately.
  • Please DO NOT change settings of spa pool, fridge, heat pump, or re-program any appliance, television, wifi, or internet. Ask us for help!
  • DRIVE SLOWLY on the property and please park in allocated spaces..
  • A valid credit card is needed to secure a room. Payments are extracted within the cancellation period. If paying via internet, or cash upon arrival, a valid credit card needs to be supplied with the booking.
  • NORTH STABLE, SOUTH STABLE, & LOFT: cancellation within 8 days, 100% of total booking price with-held. THE STALL: cancellation within 5 days, 100% of total booking price withheld.
  • No Shows for any room – 100% of total booking charged.
  • Disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Cancellations and amendments for bookings made through an outside booking channel (Expedia, Booking.com. etc), must be made by the guest through that booking channel!  That booking channel will inform us via email or phone, that your booking is cancelled or amended. Should a guest ‘forget’ to cancel or amend a booking made with a booking channel, total booking rate will be charged.  We encourage you to always book directly with us by email, phone or via our website. You will save money, we will save money, and communication will be much easier and transparent.
  • Gift Shop purchases cannot be refunded. Exchanges can be discussed.

We truly appreciate your cooperation.