About Us

About us

We love our one acre Cambridge property with its views out across green farmland, hills of Maungakawa, and Sanctuary Mountain (Maungatautari) in the distance. With an abundance of birdlife, fruit trees, gardens, and the excellent pool, spa, and sauna, we feel very fortunate to call this ‘home’. There is a sense of peace and tranquillity from any point on the property, and we proudly stand by our mission to protect and nurture this environment.  We look forward to meeting you and sharing our little piece of ‘Middle Earth’. (Andy and Robyn)

We have recently embarked on a mission to walk the length of New Zealand (3000km) from Cape Reinga at the top of the North Island, to Bluff at the bottom of the South Island.  We are completing this in sections (when time allows) with our crippled rescue bird (Ollie The-Cockatiel), in a bid to raise money for HUHA, and awareness for the incredible work they do for vulnerable animals and birds in NZ.  We’re unfit, inexperienced, and definitely do not fit the typical ‘hiker’ image (we’re more like ageing, wobbly, teletubbies).  But with Ollie The-Cockatiel (a pet with purpose) as the ‘face’ of our mission, we are committed to hiking the length of NZ via tracks, roads, walkways, and trails – including Te Araroa ‘the long pathway’. We imagine it will take about two years to complete.  To follow our progress check out Ollie’s Facebook page:  Ollie The-Cockatiel (my epic Kiwi adventure), Instagram: ollies_kiwi_adventure, or his Givealittle page: https://givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/ollie-the-cockatiels-epic-kiwi-adventure

Environmental Initiatives

As retreat-style accommodation and a focus on mindful and sustainable living, we:

  • provide clean, UV filtered drinking water from our bore and tanks
  • conserve water and power
  • re-use towels/linen during a guest’s stay
  • recycle plastic, paper and glass
  • compost food scraps or give to chickens
  • use gentle cleaning products
  • use refillable containers and bottles
  • reuse packaging, bags and bin liners
  • have bee and bird-friendly gardens
  • support Waikato businesses and stock NZ-made products in our gift-shop
  • have ‘swap a book’ in each room
  • share home-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs, with guests, neighbours, and community.
Environmental Initiatives

Bird Rescue AND REHOMING, Cambridge, nz

With our love of nature and animals, we have created a small Bird Rescue and Rehoming service here at Huntington Stables Retreat Accommodation: a safe-haven for wild birds that require rest and recuperation, babies that need rearing and release, and rehoming of surrendered domestic/pet birds. Many of our released birds have remained here on the property, or for safety reasons live in our aviary. ‘Luna’, an extremely rare, pure white albino sparrow, is one of our long-term residents as featured in Stuff national news See Here